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Home > Download Karaoke - Karaoketosing - How to use this site

Read in detail each of these points to understand how to interact with the site.

 1 - Purpose of the site
 2 - Site languages
 3 - Karaoke Content Formats
 4 - Site registration
 5 - Login and Forgot Password
 6 - My Account
 7 - My Area
 8 - Buy credits
 9 - Search Karaoke Songs
10 - Select songs and send them to the Shopping Cart
11 - View and modify Shopping Cart
12 - Checkout
13 - Making Payments
14 - Download content and Certificates of Legality
15 - Difficulties with the use of this site
16 - Which browser may I use

1- Purpose of the site

This website is designed to enable you to download legal content of karaoke, for a fee, which is merely the licenses payment for use of the content.

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2- Site languages

The karaoketosing.com is a multilingual site. Depending on the country where you connect to the Internet, so the site will appear in a particular language. The languages currently available are shown on the right side, underneath the area of shopping cart, by means of the flags of the countries of the mother language.
At any time you can change the language of the site, without losing your Login and other data.

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3- Karaoke Content Formats

Each karaoke song available in this site may have one or more formats. The formats currently available are:

MP3+G is a format invented in 1998, and which is based on 2 files for each song of karaoke. One of the files have the extension MP3 and is an audio file. The other has the extension CDG and is a file that contains the graphical information, with the lyrics. Both files have to have the same name and just different extensions:


In this site, by downloading a MP3+G song, you receive a ZIP file that contains the two files above. So in the example above, will be:


The ZIP file can be decompressed with any application such as WinZip, 7Zip, etc., or even via the operating system, resulting in the two files listed.

There should be no confusion between the file extension .cdg with the type of some karaoke discs, named CDG . This kind of CD's uses the .bin files that are nothing more than a WAV file mixed with the graphics that are recorded in the CD subcodes.

There are several players available on the web for this type of files: MP3+G. Some of them run directly from the ZIP file that contains both MP3 and CDG and the name of ZIP is equal to the files it contains. Others, need the decompression of the ZIP file, and play if the 2 files are placed in the same folder.

To enable you to test the compatibility of your programs with the MP3+G format, you can download here a ZIP file as demo:

Download sample_MP3+G_EN.zip

All files MP3 files available on this site have the following characteristics:

Audio: MPEG Version 1, Layer 3
Audio Bit Rate: 128Kbps
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sampling rate: 44,1 KHz
Resolução: 16 bits

Note: In case of needing MP3 files with higher Bitrate, please, contact us: info@karaoketosing.com


The files with the extension. avi, are video files generated with the Xvid codec, one of the most universal codec's.
These files can be used directly on the computer or on any media player, compatible with this format.
Can also be used on CDR's or DVD's, recorded as Data and with these files. Compatibility with any DVD player is almost 100% guaranteed.
If placed on a USB Pen drive for use with Karaoke players and DVDs, are usually accepted by the large majority of players.

However it will be convenient to you to try the format, to test its compatibility with your devices.
Download the sample below and run your tests:

All files AVI / Xvid available on this site have one of the following characteristics:

Download sample_AVI_EN.avi

Codec: XviD (H.263)
Dimensions: 640 x 480 pixels (4:3)
Frame rate: 25 fps
Video Bit rate: Variable, 180 kbps average

Audio: MPEG Version 1, Layer 3 (Codec: MP3)
Audio Bit Rate: 128Kbps
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz
Resolution: 16 bit

Download de sample_AVI_HD EN.avi

Codec: XviD
Dimensions: 648 x 364 pixels (16:9)
Frame rate: 25 fps
Vídeo Bit rate: Variable, 300-350 kbps

Audio: Version MPEG 1 Layer 3 (Codec: MP3)
Audio Bit Rate: 128 Kbps
Channels: 2 (estéreo)
Sampling rate: 44,1 KHz
Resolução: 16 bits


The files with extension. mp4 files are video and audio  in a format in accordance with the MPEG-4 Part 14. It is one of the numerous video formats available.
This is the video format used by iPod* and Apple's iPhone*, so quite widespread among Portable Media Players (PMP). But beware: not all PMP support this format, though many, in addition to the Apple's devices, support it.
If you want to use this content in MP4 Multimedia Players, you must also confirm its compatibility.
For this, we recommend that you download the sample below and test your reading devices and/or software that you use in your PC:

Download sample_MP4_EN.mp4

All MP4 files available on this site have the following specifications:

Format: MPEG-4 (Base media)
Dimensions: 640 x 480 pixels (4:3)
Frame rate: 25 fps
Video Bit rate: Variable, 180 Kbps medium

Audio: AAC
Audio Bit Rate: 128Kbps
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sampling rate: 44,1 KHz
Resolution: 16 bit
* iPod and iPhone are registered trade marks of Apple Inc.

Karaoketosing has other mp4 file type, with different codecs from the first one. You can download the file below in order for you to test it on your devices.

Download de sample MP4 HD EN.mp4

Format:  Advanced Video Codec
Dimensions: 648 x 364 pixels (16:9)
Frame rate: 25 fps
Vídeo Bit rate: Variable, 300-350kbps

Audio: Advanced Audio Codec
Áudio Bit Rate: 128Kbps
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sampling rate: 44,1 KHz
Resolution: 16 bit

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4- Site registration

The first thing you have to do is register in our site. You ask yourself, but why the registry and with so much data?
There is a reason. The sales of the content licenses on this site is done legally. Therefore, it must identify in detail the buyer of the license to use the content, and also for the issuance of Certificates of Legality.
Your data will be used solely in accordance with the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.
To register, click on the word REGISTER in the upper right of the Home Page. Fill the entire form and click SUBMIT. Field Fiscal ID is your tax identification number. If you have any information that is missing or incorrect you will receive a red message on the same page. If everything is OK the site will confirm you the registration and you will receive an email with your data and the confirmation.
With the Registry, your email enter in our mailing list, so you will stay informed about news from karaoketosing.com.

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5- Login and Forgot Password

After Register, you can log into the site (top right), introducing the email you used in the register and password. Please note that these fields are not case sensitive.
After login your name will be visible in the upper right throughout your session till you make Logout. If, after login, there is no navigation on the site for some time, the session times out for security reasons. If this is the case, you will have to repeat the login.
If you have lost your password, you can click in Forgot Password. The karaoketosing.com send you an email to the email account you used in your original registration, with your password so that you can Login.

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6- My Account

Below your name is the link My Account. If you click here, you can make changes to your account, except the name, Fiscal ID and country. If you have changed the country, you have to open new account because the tax systems are different depending on the country where the contents are acquired.

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7- My Area

Also below your name, you have another link called My Area. By clicking here, you enter into a page where you can see the following:

- Your personal code in karaoketosing.com
This code is used to uniquely identify you in the system and will be used in Certificates of Legality.

- Value of Purchased Credits
Here is indicated the value that you have available to purchase content licenses.
Also you have the limit date for using your credits.

- Link to Download the Certificate of Legality
Here you can download the Certificate of Legality of purchased licenses content.

- List of Licenses purchased of karaoke songs
If you have already purchased content licenses on karaoketosing.com, here come up all the contents which licenses you have always gotten.
In the last column of this table have the option to download the song in the format you want, with a click in the format icon:

However, the download is available for a limited number e for a limited time, for security reasons. So you must make the download after your license purchase

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8- Buy credits

This is one of the ways you have to pay for content licenses you buy. The other is to pay with your credit card or debit card as you buy them.
But buying credits, you get some discounts that are important. How?
You enter the Buy Credits page and choose the value that you want to buy that is indicated in the left column called Credits. In the middle column (Value to Pay) is indicated the value that you'll actually pay for these credits, which is lower.
The credits purchased, at the base value, will remain in karaoketosing.com in your account and you can use them to pay future acquisitions of content licenses. To inquire of your credit account you can see the value in this page to purchase credits, also on the Checkout page (see below) and also via the My Area.
Once your account can accumulate credits, which are yours, you should not give your data to third parties who may use your credit in your name. In that case karaoketosing.com will have no responsibility for that.

The credits you buy has an expiration date, wich is shown in the page My Area.
However, you can always revalidate your credits if you buy more credits! How does this works? See this example:
You bought credits and you have 1 year to use them. By any reason, you did not use them during that period. However, if you buy more credits, before the expiration date, no matter wich value, these will be added to the other credits you had, and the global amount of credits will be valid for more one period after the date of the last purchase! So, you never loose the value of your credits!

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9- Search Karaoke Songs

Here you have several ways to search the songs that you want. This site offers you two ways to search as well as the access to directories.
9.1-Quick Search

The Quick Search box is present on every page of this site. Here you can enter the name of the song, or just a few words, and the same for the name of the artist. The search function makes a logic AND of the two conditions. If you put something in the name of the artist and also in the name of the song, the result will be the songs that satisfy both the two conditions. It is best always enter one of the two.
The result of this search will be a table of all the contents of all formats, of all brands that satisfy the requirements of the Search. We will see the contents of the table below.

9.2-Advanced Search

If you want to be more detailed in your search, use the Advanced Search, whose link you can find under the SEARCH button in the Search framework in all pages.
Using the Advanced Search, you can introduce a set of parameters to narrow down your selection. The result is always the list of content satisfying both all the options chosen. What to write in each field has the sense of "containing", ie, the result will be all content xxxxx whose fields contains what you wrote.
Let's see what options you can select: 

- Code: it is an alphanumeric string, which defines each song. Each code can have different formats that are listed in column format and will be available for download.

- Song: song name that you want to search or part

- In the style of (artist): artist's name that you want to search or part

- Content Type: a karaoke track can be of different types. In this moment we have these types available:


The tracks of this type have the guide vocal recorded on only one channel, usually the right channel, together with the music. On the other channel, we have the total playback, but without voice. Thus, this type of track allows the practice of the song, listening to the sung version and then sing with the channel that has no voice. Most karaoke players have the MULTIPLEX function sometimes called L / R that allows 3 states: total stereo, left channel (L) or right channel  (R). When choosing the channel without the voice we have just the playback and we can sing.


This is the type of professional karaoke. The track contains only the playback in stereo, with chorus, if they exist in the original, without guide vocal or melodic line. This is the ideal type to sing. The background image is usually in blue or black, as used in the CDG discs.


Similar to the Playback Content Type, but in this case we have the Original Playback Track of the Artist and not a Cover track. The background image is usually in blue or black, as used in the CDG discs. 


These tracks have only the playback in stereo, with chorus, if they exist in the original, without guide vocal or melodic line. They are not original. The background images can be a static one or a video.


These tracks have the Original Playback Track of the Artist and not a Cover track. The background images can be a static one or a video, and sometimes is the artist videoclip of the song.


These tracks have the full song with a guide vocal of a singer that is not the original, with chorus, if they exist in the original. They are not original. The background images can be a static one or a video. Use only to learn the song. Not suitable for singing beacuse they have the guide vocal.


These tracks have the Original Song with the voice of the Artist and not a Cover track. The background images can be a static one or a video, and sometimes is the artist videoclip of the song. Not suitable for singing beacuse they have the guide vocal.


This type of track has the song with the Guide Vocal on both channels. It's the kind of track that is used to practice the song, but it is not appropriate to sing because the Guide Vocal is always present on both channels. The background image is usually in blue or black, as used in the CDG discs.


If a track indicate this Content Type means that only contains the audio synchronized without the lyrics on screen.

Some tracks may have this type of rights because the rights holder has not authorized the reproduction of the lyrics on the screen.

Strictly speaking we are not talking about a karaoke track, since there is no lyrics on screen. However we have chosen to include them because sometimes they are isolated cases in a single disc.


If the track listing is revealed this type of content, it is because it is an album.

It's a compressed file (. zip), with the tracks belonging to the album inside of it. The subjects are provided in a single format, that is, the MP3 + G.

The prices within the same series or brand can vary, so it is possible to find albumns cheaper than others, contrary to what happens with the tracks.

The album, as such as the tracks can be purchased with credits karaoketosing.

- Brand: this field you can select only the contents of a particular brand. Those that appear in the selection are those with which agreements we have signed with.

- Language: Here you can choose the original language of the songs that you want to select.

- Style: Here you can choose the Style of the songs that you want to select.

Note: If any field is empty, it means "All" in this field 

By clicking on the SEARCH button, you will get the table of all the content that satisfy the conditions you have entered.

9.3-Directory Brands, Formats and Languages

Below the site language selection (where are the flags of countries) you have 3 buttons that open 3 menus: BRANDS, LANGUAGES and CONTENT TYPE. Opening each menu and clicking on the options that each menu gives you, you will get a table of all the content of the site to satisfy this option. But here, unlike the Advanced Search, you can not join criteria. For example, if you choose the brand KANTATU, you will get a list of all the content of that brand, regardless the Content Type or language of the song. The same happens for the other options. These directories allow you to have a global view, but Advanced Search is the most appropriate to choose the songs that you want to.

9.4-Directory Groups

On the left side of each page (except on pages with tables of songs), you have a set of menus that give you direct access to the songs indicated in each one. These menus are special groups of karaoke tracks, for example, Last Entries, Promotions, Top Ten, etc.. But other groups can be created and will appear in this menu tree.
Here you can see which songs are included in each group and by clicking on the song, you have a Search Results page and you can add the song to your shopping cart.

9.5-Other Considerations

If appears a track with supplementary information after the name of the theme, such as, "(radio edit)", it's because this theme is a shorter version, which means that has been produced for subsequent broadcast on radio or television.

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10- Select songs and send them to the Shopping Cart

As we saw above, the karaoketosing.com provides several ways to view the songs of karaoke you are looking for. Let's see how you can select them to purchase the licenses.
Whatever the form of Search (Quick, Advanced or Directories) the site will show a table with the following columns:
- Code: alphanumeric sequence associated with the song
- Song: name of the karaoke song
- In the style of (artist): artist original version of the karaoke song
- Brand: brand of the original publisher of the karaoke song
- Language: language of the karaoke song
- Content Type: shows the Content Type (Playback, Multiplex or Vox)
- Formats: shows the available formats of content (see Karaoke Content Formats)
- Price: value to pay for the license of each song
- Demo: See a demonstration on screen Flash site
- Buy: Add to Shopping Cart

Before adding a song to the Shopping Cart you can always see and hear a Flash Demo on the screen that will appear on every page of this site by simply click in DEMO. The demos are the same for each song regardless of the format of the content.
A very important aspect is to confirm if the format you want for the content is available. For more details see Karaoke Content Formats.
To add a song to the Shopping Cart, simply click on the symbol. The symbol change to and the song goes to the shopping cart.
You can do all this without having done Login. However you are prompted to do the Login if you go to Checkout.
However we recommend that you always login before you select songs for the Shopping Cart. Having made the Login and sending the songs to the shopping cart, you can always logout and return later to complete your purchase: the songs you have selected are in the Shopping Cart waiting for you.
To facilitate viewing of the songs, you have the possibility to sort in ascending or descending according to the various columns in the results search tables. By clicking on the column name, you will be switching from up / down all the songs under this column. This function is available in all columns except DEMO and BUY. To see the column that is active in terms of sorting, see the up or down arrow near the name of the column.

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11- View and modify Shopping Cart

To see how many songs you have in your shopping cart and the total value to pay, just look at the upper right of every page, in the area Shopping Cart.
However, if you want more detail, just click on See Tracks.
Here you have the same sorting functions already described. You can also see demos of the karaoke songs in the Shopping Cart.
Finally you have the column REMOVE, with all the songs with the symbol . By clicking this symbol, you remove  karaoke song from your shopping cart. It may be useful to avoid recurrence or even to remove songs with less interest compared to others that you chose. Removing a song, automatically updates the number of songs and Total to pay on the main page.

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12- Checkout

To go to Checkout or to close the purchase and make the payment, just click the Go to Checkout button of the page See Tracks or click directly on the Checkout link, in the area of the Shopping Cart (top right) of the main page.
If by chance you have forgotten to do LOGIN before selecting the songs, the site gives you a warning message that it is necessary to login before you checkout. You should then do so before proceeding.
Once you login, the site accepts the checkout and gives you a page that indicates your personal code, the value of credits you have, the list of songs which licenses you wish to purchase and payment arrangements.

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13- Making Payments

You have three ways to pay the licenses of the content you choose: Bank Transfer, using the Credits already acquired, or paying with your credit card(or a mix of the last two ways).

(1) Bank Account Transfer
(2) Payment with credits
(3) Payment with Credit Card
(4) Pay in the MundoKaraoke Store

(1) If you opt for payment by bank transfer, you will see this option available on checkout if you specified PORTUGAL, as your country when you registered on our website. We will only accept transfers with no additional costs, from bank accounts based in Portugal. Any Bank Transfer done from an account sited outside Portugal, has an additional cost of € 5.20 (five euros and twenty cents), that should be added to the Licenses Value or Credits to be paid. Without this additional payment we can not accept Bank Transfers from bank accounts outside Portugal.

After you select this type of payment it will open a page that contain all the data relating to your order. These are:

Name: Your registration name
Order Ref.: This is the identification of your order. These 15 digits must be included in the transfer reference.
Order Value: Amount to transfer in euros.
NIB: 0010 0000 37732660003 45 (From bank accounts outside Portugal - see the red note above)
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 3773 2660 0034 5 (From bank accounts outside Portugal - see the red note above)
SWIFT: BBPIPTPL (From bank accounts outside Portugal - see the red note above)

You will also receive an email with the entire procedure, in yours registration e-mail.
After the transfer, you should send to info@karaoketosing.com the copy of the transfer document, with the NIB/IBAN of your Bank Account, to help and speed the identification process.

Your order will be kept suspended for 15 days, waiting for the Bank Transfer. If we don't recieve the transfer in this period, the order will be cancelled and you can not recover the track selection you made.

As soon as the value is credit in our Bank Account, your order will be activated and you will recieve an email with the information that you can go to MY AREA and do the download of the tracks which licenses you bought in our website.


(2)If you pay with credits from your account, the licenses value of the selected content will be debit in that moment in you Credits Account. But, if you pay with Credit Card, you account of Credits will be kept and your Credit Card will be debit in the total value.

However, if the value of the content licenses is more then the value you have in your Credits Account, this website gives you the possibility of paying a part with Credits and the remaining value with you Credit Card.


If the value to be payed by the selected content, is equal or less then the value of the credits in your account, the site gives you two options:

(3) Choosing the Payment with Credit Card, you will be redirected to the secure payment page of UNICRE/JGC (Secure Payment System) where you can see your name, the date and amount to pay. You should enter the information of your credit card and make VALIDATE. If the entire transaction was well executed and with no errors, you will receive a confirmation page and an email. This page contains all the transaction information and a link to My Area where you can download the content which licenses you bought.
If there is any error in the transaction, you will receive an error message and your card will not be charged.

(4) If you are in Portugal, you can buy the karaoke tracks of the karaoketosing in the MundoKaraoke Store.

You will have all the necessary support to carry out any operation on the karaoke download web site.

To purchase tracks on our balcony, you only have to physically go to our Store in Setúbal. (See the Location) We possess a computer especially dedicated to these cases. The new is that you can pay the content on MundoKaraoke Store with cash or ATM card! Of course you can also use the credit card to pay over the balcony. Go to the explination webpage.

If you don't have any of those payments possibilies, send us an e-mail to: payments@karaoketosing.com. We will find the best way for you, in order to give you the chance to have your favourite songs on karaoketosing.


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14- Download content and Certificates of Legality

After the payment is made, you can return to the site karaoketosing.com via the link the payment confirmation page shows, or by any other mean. Returning to the site, to the My Area page, you have a complete list of all content licenses purchased at karaoketosing.com with related Purchase Date. In the last column, you have the option to download your content. If applicable, there is a limited number of downloads, for security, which is indicated. There is also a time limit to make the downloads which is also indicated in the page the My Area. In the column of downloads are the symbols of the available formats for each song. Clicking on the symbol of a format, you download the content in this format. Near the the symbols are also indicated the number of available downloads, if there is a limit. If you make the maximum of allowed downloads or the maximum time is reached, in this column appears the word EXPIRED.
Then just download, and... SING!

The browsers on the market have different ways to manage the downloads, and particularly the simultaneous downloads. So, for you do not miss content downloads, note the following:
1) Set your browser to always ask for the directory where the content will be stored.
2) Start a download only when the previous is already downloading.
3) Avoid make too many downloads at once. The download times are relatively short, if you have a good broadband connection to the Internet.
4) Note, that when clicking the icon format to download, if there is a maximum number of allowed downloads, the download counter for this content is immediately decremented. Thus, if in the window that appears to SAVE the content, you click on Cancel, the download will not be done but the counter has been decremented. We highly recommend that you organize your PC in terms of directories when you go to download, for you to know exactly where you will store the downloaded files.
5) If you have problems with downloads and these expire by reaching the maximum number allowed, send us an email to webmaster@karaoketosing.com and we will solve your problem.
6) Some browsers, depending on your version, may conflict with the programming lineup of the site. If perchance, your browser does not allow you to download the Certificates of Legality and happens the ERROR 349, try another browser in order to download your certificate. There are several browsers available completely free. See here some. We recommend for this purpose the use of Internet Explorer.

Also in the page My Area you can download the Certificate of Legality of the content you have downloaded. This document, personal and non-transmissible, should be used near the authorities, including the legal inspections, to prove that the content you are using has licenses purchased in karaoketosing.com quite legally.
When you buy more licenses of karaoke songs, you should make a new download of the updated certificate.

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15- Difficulties with the use of this site

If this explanation is not fully comprehensive or you continue to have difficulties with the use of this site, send an email to:


and you will receive full support from our side!

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16- Which browser may I use

At baseline, all browsers support the site features. However, we found that Internet Explorer (I.E.), does not perform a function when we login with the same account after closing session. This happens while we are working on the same tab or browser window, because when we decided to open another tab or window, I.E. already enables the start of the session with the last account used to access the karaoketosing website.

That said, if IE is your browser of choice, you only have to take into consideration this fact. If you want to do it again with the same login credentials, you must open a new tab/window of your browser so that IE perform all procedures correctly.

However, there are many other browsers that this function work perfectly (login followed by closing session in the same window/tab). Here are some of the browsers that you can use. Download them by clicking on the image of the browser you wish.



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